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  • Finally there is an affordable custom door handle option for your 67-72 c10 that not only looks incredible, but wont break the bank! Our kits utilize mid 60's GM passenger car chrome door handles that are still period correct, but look and feel so much better than the bulky factory handles. Our kit includes a pair of metal plates that are not only the pieces that you will weld into your door to put the door handle cut-outs and mounting holes in the right place, but also act as your template for laying everything literally dont even need a tape measure! simply lay the plate on the door and center it in the hand recess pocket behind your stock handle.then line the two short tabs on the end of the plate with the rear edge of the door..thats it! that puts everything in the correct spot and allows you to trace the two square pieces onto your door. Now just cut out the squares in your doors, cut apart the template/parts removing the thin  strips of sheetmetal connecting the squares togetherand weld the two pieces into your all the mounting points are in the correct spot and your new handles just bolt on...DONE! Kit includes everything you need including new door handles, gaskets, and hardware!!

    67-72 C-10 door handle kit

    SKU: 6772drhndl
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